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  • Activities Calendar 2018

    It is 2018 We try to add some new focus to complement previous and add activities with our American cars, both within the club and other activities , AMCCC parallel to other friends organize clubs.
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  • AMCCC 2018 – Lottery – Activities – General Assembly of Members

    We have reached the end of 2017 and we are already preparing activities for next year 2018.

    We also want to inform you that the number of lottery this year played the AMCCC has been awarded with the return in the coming days that precede the bank rescue tenths to take them to the administration.
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  • Date change – Christmas food AMCCC 2017

    Hello everyone.

    Because the day 10 we get caught on the bridge of the Constitution, we decided to make the change for the year farewell dinner on the day AMCCC 17 from December.
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